A Storm Is Coming

Alicia slipped a packet of sweetener across the table. Dark Monkey pulled up, and with his index finger and thumb, he pulled from underneath it a microchip. “That’s a formula that shows why Caru is likely going to hit us as a massive storm.”

“How likely?”

“It’s almost eighty percent now. You must ensure that hits all platforms and has the local news media talking about it.” 

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ll have that bobble-headed weather girl on Channel Seven singing this shit on the lunch news,” Dark Monkey leaned against the table, ready to leave. “It’s got to be hard for you, Officer Fernandez. You, an agent of the law, have friends like me in such dark places. How does that feel, knowing you’re dancing on the fire’s edge like that?”

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What is pe2072?

Planet Earth 2072 the Podcast asks the question, what will Miami look like in 50 years. With the current climate crisis facing humanity, just how bad will things be, and how much change will come to the Magic City?

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Welcome to Planet Earth 2072

Young people are scared for the future. And, I (a man of 50) can totally relate.  The climate crisis is top of mind for members of GenZ, offering a sometimes dreary and even terrifying image of the future. In a world of rising seas, increased temperatures, eco-migrations, and the destruction of millions of more species, who wouldn’t […]

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