What is pe2072?

Planet Earth 2072 is two things. It’s a podcast and a novel. Planet Earth 2072 the Podcast asks the question, what will Miami look like in 50 years. With the current climate crisis facing humanity, just how bad will things be, and how much change will come to the Magic City?

We spoke with environmentalists, reporters, politicians, researchers, and members of GenZ to get a better sense of what people believe is coming. Episode 1 is out August 22nd, 2022.

Find the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music

Planet Earth 2072 the novel takes that question about the future and imagines exactly what life will be life. It’s a science fiction novel that takes place in Miami in the Fall of the year 2072. The biggest hurricane ever is about to hit. How will it change life for the millions living there?

Find the story on this website or read it on WattPad. It’s free to register.

Remember, the first episode and the first story of Planet Earth 2072 is out August 22nd.

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